Welcome to our newest lab member Dr. Chengkai Fan. Chengkai received his M.S. degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Akron, United States, in 2019. He subsequently obtained his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame, United States, in 2024. His research focused on the design and synthesis of functional polymer and organic/inorganic hybrid materials, emphasizing the structure-property relationships.  His recent work on the synthesis of anion exchange membranes was particularly noteworthy and motivated him to join Dr. Steven Holdcroft’s research group to continue his exploration of advanced energy materials. Outside of research, he enjoys sim racing and playing board games.

We are also happy to welcome back Dr. Apurva Gangrade. She is rejoining the group as a post-doc, working on membranes and catalyst layers for AEM CO2 electrolyzers.